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Bali Visa Requirement

Bali Visa Requirement

Do you have travel plans to the island of Bali which famous by The Island of God in Indonesia? If this is the case, it is imperative that you get familiar with the procedures for obtaining a travel visa for entering Bali. Don’t worry if you find the process of obtaining a visa a little bit complicated to navigate. In this page, we will offer you with a detailed guidance on obtaining travel visas / bali visa requirement for Bali, making it our goal to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible for you. Let’s plunge in! Obtaining the correct visa for your Bali travel is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. Whether you qualify for visa exemption, require a Visa on Arrival, or need a specific visa type, understanding the process and requirements will save you from unnecessary stress and complications. Remember to plan ahead, gather the necessary documents, and follow the guidelines provided by the Indonesian authorities. Enjoy your time in Bali!

Bali Visa Requirement in General

Bali is known as the “Island of the Gods” because it has beautiful scenery, a rich culture, and friendly-good people. Bali has something for everyone, whether you want to visit its beautiful beaches, enjoy the waterfall, take part in traditional events, or join its lively nightlife. But before you pack your bags, it’s important to know what you need for a bali visa requirement.

Types of Traveling to Bali Visa in general :

  • Diplomatic Visa
    Foreigners with diplomatic or other passports, as well as their family members, can get diplomatic visas to enter Indonesian land to do diplomatic work.
  • Service Visa
    Service visas are given to foreigners with service passports or other passports, like family passports, who need to travel to Indonesia to do government work that is not diplomatic.
  • Visit Visa
    Foreigners who are traveling to Indonesia for government, business, education, tourism, journalism, or as a stopover on their way to another country are offered this visa.
  • Visas for limited stays
    This type is for foreigners who are experts, researchers, clergy, workers, students, investors, people with second homes, and their families. It is also for foreigners who are officially married to Indonesian citizens and want to live in Indonesia for a short time.
  • One-time entry (single entry)
    A single-entry visa is a piece of paper that can only be used for one trip.
  • Multiple Entry
    A multiple entry visa is a piece of paper that lets you go to a country more than once. The person with this visa can go in and out of a country without having to resubmit documents over and over again until the validity time ends.
  • Visa on Arrival (on arrival)
    You don’t have to get this visa in your home country. Instead, you can take care of it when you get to the country you’re going to.

To enter Bali, most tourists need a visa. The type of visa you need relies on things like your nationality, how long you plan to stay, and why you want to visit for your bali visa on entry. Let’s explore the different visa options offered from Indonesian goverment.

  • Visa Exemption
  • Visa on Arrival (30 days)
  • Visa on Arrival Extension (30 days)
  • Visit Visa B211A offshore 60 days | Tourism & Business
  • Visit Visa B211A onshore 60 days | Tourism & Business
  • Visit Visa B-211A Extension 60 days
  • Multiple Entry Visa (1 year)
  • Sedond Home Visa (Digital Nomad Visa)
  • Retirement Visa (Lansia, Pensiun) onshore
  • Working KITAS & Work Permit (312)
  • Spouse & Dependent KITAS (317)
  • Investor KITAS – 2 years (314)
  • Set-up Local Company PMA

Citizens of certain countries are eligible for visa exemption that’s mean you don’t need bali visa requirement. They can enter Bali without a visa for a limited period, typically ranging from 30 to 60 days. However, it’s important to check if your country qualifies for visa exemption and the specific duration allowed.
Following nationalities DO NOT NEED A VISA (VISA-FREE entry) are Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore. Malaysia, Thailand. Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. For more information, you need a valid passport, to stay in the country for no more than 30 days for tourist purposes, and to leave the country within 30 days. If you meet the above requirements then you don’t need bali visa on entry.

Next bali visa requirement is for Visa on Arrival (VoA) can be gotten at the airport in the arrival hall by people from more than 90 countries. The VoA can now also be bought online (e-VoA). If your country doesn’t qualify for a visa waiver, you can get a Visa on Arrival (VoA) at Bali’s international airport or harbor when you arrive. The VoA lets you stay in Bali for up to 30 days, and you can get another 30 days added to it once.
Based on Circular Letter Number IMI-0133.GR.01.01 of 2023, the following countries are eligible for Visa on Arrival: 1. Afrika Selatan 2. Albania 3. Amerika Serikat 4. Andorra 5. Arab Saudi 6. Argentina 7. Australia 8. Austria 9. Bahrain 10. Belanda 11. Belarus 12. Belgia 13. Brazil 14. Brunei Darussalam 15. Bosnia Herzegovina 16. Bulgaria 17. Ceko 18. Chile 19. Denmark 20. Ekuador 21. Estonia 22. Filipina 23. Finlandia 24. Guatemala 25. Hongkong 26. Hungaria 27. India 28. Inggris 29. Irlandia 30. Italia 31. Islandia 32. Jepang 33. Jerman 34. Kamboja 35. Kanada 36. Kazakhstan 37. Kenya 38. Kolombia 39. Korea Selatan 40. Kroasia 41. Kuwait 42. Laos 43. Latvia 44. Liechtenstein 45. Lithuania 46. Luksemburg 47. Makau 48. Maladewa 49. Malaysia 50. Malta 51. Maroko 52. Meksiko 53. Mesir 54. Monako 55. Myanmar 56. Norwegia 57. Oman 58. Palestina 59. Panama 60. Perancis 61. Peru 62. Polandia 63. Portugal 64. Qatar 65. Rumania 66. Rusia 67. Rwanda 68. San Marino 69. Selandia Baru 70. Serbia 71. Seychelles 72. Singapura 73. Siprus 74. Slovakia 75. Slovenia 76. Spanyol 77. Suriname 78. Swedia 79. Swiss 80. Taipan 81. Thailand 82.Timor Leste 83. Tiongkok Baca juga: Jenis Visa Baru Golden Visa, Khusus untuk WNA Bertalenta 84. Tunisia 85. Turki 86. Uni Emirat Arab 87. Uzbekistan 88. Ukraina 89. Batikan 90. Vietnam 91. Yordania 92. Yunani. Visa on Arrival (VoA) is most popular traveling to bali visa.

People who want to live in Bali for a long time should get a Social-Cultural Visa as your bali visa requirement. It is mostly for people who are involved in social or artistic activities like research, volunteering, or going to school. This visa lets you stay in Bali for up to 180 days, and you can get an extension while you are there. A Social Cultural Visa is a Visit Visa (Index 211) with a single entry for people who are going to Indonesia for the following reasons: visiting family or friends, going to a non-commercial art or cultural event, taking a short course, training, or comparative study, competing in a non-commercial sport event, doing an important humanitarian activity,
With this visa, a tourist can stay in Indonesia for up to 60 days. In Indonesia, you can ask to stay longer at the nearest customs office. Please keep in mind that people from some countries, such as Australia, may not need a visa to visit Indonesia for up to 30 days (see free visa for short stay). Citizens of Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Israel, Liberia, Nigeria, DPRK/North Korea, and Somalia need permission from the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta before they can apply for a bali visa on entry.

The Nex bali visa requirement is The Multiple Entry Business Visa . The Multiple Entry Business Visa is often chosen by business owners and people who work in business. This visa is good for business travelers to Bali who go there often. It lets you put in more than one entry during a certain time period, usually six or twelve months. People from outside the Republic of Indonesia need a visa to travel or do business in the country. This visa lets you come and go from Indonesia for up to a year, but each stay can’t be longer than 60 days.
This type of visa (D212) lets you go to Indonesia more than once and stays good for a year from the first day you arrive, but each visit can’t be longer than 60 days. This type of visa is for people who need to go to Indonesia more than once for official government business, business or commercial business, vacation, or to see friends or family. Please remember that this visa can’t be used to get paid work.


  • Visa application form filled out
  • Original passport that is good for at least 6 months when you arrive in Indonesia
  • For people who are not Slovak, please send a copy of a current Slovakian passport. Permit to stay for at least six months
  • One color picture the size of a passport, stuck to the application.
  • Copy of the itinerary (or trip plan) for the return flight
  • Getting paid through a bank transfer

Invitation letter, and the person who asked the person must sign up at and get a code to give to the embassy consular staff.
For business, seminar, or meeting reasons, please include a letter of confirmation or reference from the company or institution in Slovakia and an invitation letter from the partner company or institution in Indonesia. For a social or family visit, please include a letter from a friend or family member in Indonesia. Business Visa is advance visa from traveling to bali visa.


You will need a Work Visa if you want to work in Bali. Before filing for this visa, you must have a job offer from a company in Indonesia. When you finally get your Indonesia work visa, it will only be good for a certain amount of time, usually between 3 months and a year.
What you’re really getting is a “Temporary Stay Permit Card” (KITAS) for work reasons. Depending on the type of work you will do, your contract, and the decision of the Immigration Officers, the KITAS is given for up to one year and can be extended before it runs out.
If you have a KITAS and have lived in Indonesia for up to three years, you can apply for a KITAP, also called a “Permanent Stay Permit.” The KITAP can be extended and is good for five years at a time. The Work Visa lets you officially work in Bali for a certain amount of time, usually up to a year, and it can be renewed if you need to.
You can get a longer time to work in Indonesia. At first, you will get an Indonesia work visa (KITAS) that is good for between 3 months and a year. You can make this time last longer before it ends. After living in Indonesia for three years in a row, you can apply for a permanent residence permit (KITAP), which is good for five years and can be renewed. But if your partner comes as your dependent, they can’t work. They have to find a sponsor (an company) and get their own work permit in order to be able to work.

A Student Visa is needed for students who want to go to school in Bali as bali visa requirement. For this visa, you need to be accepted into an approved school in Bali. The Student Visa lets you stay longer and can be renewed as long as you are still enrolled in school.
Students from outside Indonesia who want to go to school there will need an Indonesia Student Visa. The Indonesian Student Visa is a broad term that refers to a number of different cards and permits. International students who want to study in an Indonesian school must get a study pass, an entrance visa, and a residence permit.
Depending on your application, you can stay in Indonesia for six months, 180 days, one year, or two years. The length of stay for this type of visa can be extended. If you want to study in Indonesia and traveling as well so this traveling to bali visa is a must for you.

If you want to stay in Bali longer than the length of time allowed by your visa, you must ask for a visa extension. If you overstay your visa, you could be fined, sent home, or face other legal problems. Make sure you know how to extend your bali visa requirement and do it before your current one runs out.
From May 2019 on, The person with a visa will have to pay a fine of Rp 1,000,000 per day, which is about US$70, and may also be held for questioning. The fine isn’t a bribe; it’s part of the lawful solution to an overstay. Plan to pay the legal fine in full at the immigration office. For the formal rule, see Government Regulation No. 28, Year 2019.
A longer overstay than 60 days is a bigger problem. The person with the visa will be detained, questioned in depth, probed, deported, and put on a list that will keep them from coming back to Indonesia for years. Be nice and sorry (don’t argue), and work with the immigration officer to figure out what to do about the overstay. They will try to find out what you’ve been doing and how you’ve been living during your overstay to see if you’ve been doing anything illegal, like working without a work permit. They might call the cops to see if there is a report of something suspicious. So please extend your traveling to bali visa if your visa almost expired.

When you want to get an Indonesian visa, you have to give the Embassy/Consulate a few things so they can process your request. Bali visa requirement for an Indonesia visa vary on the type of visa you need, how you apply, and even what country you are from.
The following papers are needed to apply for an bali visa on entry:

  • Valid passport with at least six months of validity
  • Passport-sized photographs
  • Completed visa application form
  • Proof of travel itinerary
  • Proof of accommodation in Bali
  • Sufficient funds to cover your stay in Bali
  • Other supporting documents specific to your visa type

Check the exact requirements and any other papers you might need based on the type of visa you have.

All of the information on this page has been thoroughly studied. We are not, responsible or answerable for any information that might not be correct or that might change. Only the official immigration authorities can make and enforce rules about visas.

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